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Each week, we'll be Xamining a music video, recording, etc.

This week's Xamined category... Music Videos
Blink 182's "What's My Age Again"

The first time I saw this video, I almost fell on the floor from laughing. Blink 182 has always had that schoolboy attitude and sense of humor and it shows in this video.

The video starts out innocently enough, zooming out from the guys casually running down the street. But... by the time the first verse starts, it's a whole other ballgame.

Now, you cannot say that they are nude. I mean, they do have socks and shoes on. Plus, they have those goofy little blocks over their naughty parts.

Anyway, as they run through the streets, they start to cause havoc everywhere they go, causing a waiter to spill a pitcher of water, knocking a guy's grocery bag out of his hands, etc.

Now in all fairness, the guys of Blink 182 are not directly causing all the damage. It seems that just about every extra in the video turns their head to look. One young woman nearly wrecks her car.

So Blink continues their trail of naked destruction, interrupting a street game of b-ball. Bassist Mark Hoppus steals the ball and awkwardly performes a layup. At least he made the shot!

So on they run, until...

Suddenly... what's this?? A nurse (who in real life is adult film star Janine Lindemulder) is strolling down the sidewalk. Ironically (or not), it is the same nurse from the cover of the album that features this song, Enema Of The State. So they run past, but stop and turn around, and casually stroll up next to the nurse, who pretty much ignores them. So Mark, Tom and Travis turn their backs on the nurse and continue their streak.

Eventually, the focus turns from the guys running down the street, to suddenly being on TV. As a little old man sits on the sidewalk, reading his newspaper while watching his 19" TV, they guys are running through the background of the program on the TV. The first program, a dancing show, is the real treat, as Mark does a cartwheel directly in front of the camera... classic piece (remember Austin Powers?)

They continue to run through program backgrounds such as Talk Soup (with John Hensen as the host) and The Last Word.

Finally, they run off into the sunset. Well, it wasn't really a sunset, but you get the picture, right?

Now this video does cut in shots here and there of the band playing the song. And yes, they appear to be naked then too. Of course, with some well-placed guitars and drums, we may never know what was really behind those instruments. The fact that they have very little clothing doesn't seem to faze them a bit while playing, they almost look right at home.

This is a great video. Most people would probably get a kick out of it, especially if you're a fan of the band, like me.